Drush User's Guide by Packt - User review

Drush User's Guide written by Juan Pablo Novillo Requena an active member of the Drupal community and reviewed by two of the co-maintainers of the Drush project, is a concise technical book targeting experienced Drupal site builders / developers or more specifically DevOps. I would like to set the expectation of readers / audience that the book is not for a beginner who is learning basic Drupal for the 1st time.

It not only gives a good introduction to Drush, but also covers all usual commands while making you learn few new tricks. It gives a detailed walkthrough on Devel's Drush commands while covering the concept of Features module in Drupal.

Let me pen-down my views chapter wise.

Introduction & Installations, this initial chapter deals with introducing the concepts, installation procedures on various platforms, requirements, basics of command line with few sample commands.

Basic commands, starts with covering basic Drupal site-building & admin tasks with the help of Drush, demonstrating them with example projects for better and convenient understanding to the readers.

Few advanced topics for system admins, covers how Drush can be customised to suit our requirements – writing your commands, testing them, validating them, synchronization mechanisms, user level Drush configurations, and terminal optimizations.

Advanced usage of Drush with extensions, backup & migrate whole sites, generating test data, code inspection, and packaging have been explained and dealt in this section.

There are missing areas like Custom Drush commands to custom modules and Drush for MySQL, covering them would have made the more interesting for the readers / developers.

Reading the book, I interpret that it is Ease to read, impressive Layout has been included and the best part is that the topics have been demonstrated by appropriate Examples making the book more readable and understandable to the readers / developers.


The Drush User’s Guide is a must have for any serious Drupal developer or site builder. It will definitely serve as a handy resource. It will teach you how to use Drush properly within short amount of time.


I volunteered to review this book and received a free copy from Packt Publishing.