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Whether you hold a medical/health center, clinic, nursing home, or you are associated to a small scale to large scale hospital, or wish to increase your public recognition and reputation that helps you bring your experience and expertise to wider range of patients globally, possessing a website proves to be essentials in such a competitive digital world!

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Project and people management

‘agile’, the easiest way

Organize sprints

  • Plan the month-long sprint at the very start of the month, organize a gathering with whom you usually work the most either over voice or IRC or whatever communication channel is acceptable to all, and finalize on what you all would like to work on the month.
  • Tag the issues individually you would like to handle during the sprint using the defined format “Sprint: January

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Drush User's Guide written by Juan Pablo Novillo Requena an active member of the Drupal community and reviewed by two of the co-maintainers of the Drush project, is a concise technical book targeting experienced Drupal site builders / developers or more specifically DevOps. I would like to set the expectation of readers / audience that the book is not for a beginner who is learning basic Drupal for the 1st time.