Eega ( Telugu ) Movie Review

I am starting a new section of Movie Reviews on my blog with the latest and my first telugu film ( eega ). After a struggle of one week, finally I ( alongwith my wife ) managed to watch eega movie yesterday July 14, 2012 at Thane and thought of starting my movie reviews section with this fantastic entertaining experience.

Initially, when my wife discussed with me about watching this movie, I was a bit confused to opt for this due the huge language barrier. A small but important fact about me is that I am not even a beginner in understanding telugu as language. I hardly understand the words except a few of them, like 'voddu' , 'kaadu' , 'ledu' , 'kaavali' etc. Thus, for a person who is a flat cypher in a particular language, it would be a very huge risk attempting to watch a movie in the same original language ( not the dubbing one ). So, I was forced to re-think more than twice or even thrice to opt for it.

However, I finally started my journey by opting out to take this risk which turned out to be a fantastic entertaining experience enabling me to initiate my movie review idea by sharing my journey.

We entered the movie hall, confusion reflecting on my cute face and found ourselves comfortable on our respective seats. The entire hall was packed up with my families alongwith their kids ( in decent and unexpected huge count ).

The movie started with a child bugging her dad for a story. I slowly felt that even I was able to grasp a few telugu words ( except a couple of them which I stole from the English sub-title ) and surprisingly started getting on with the pace slowly eliminating my confusion ( which I only realized at the interval when my wife narrated my expressions and the level of my involvement in enjoying the movie ).

The movie had a pleasant and slow romantic flavor in the beginning which progressed aggressively taking the shape of 'eega' ( 'housefly' in English ). The moment onwards, every bit was equally entertaining, reflecting an excellent teamwork. The association of Graphics with camera was really promising. The way director depicted each and every movement of eega , specially when he celebrates the success over the villain , sad feelings about his failures, his dance , the way he attacks the villain , the way he escapes from his enemies , etc were really superb. Though, the movie didn't have any high casts (ie. high profile actors and actresses ), neither I had too many music numbers in it nor dialog oriented scenes - it is quite promising keeping the audience focused, entertained and tied-up to their seats at each and every point. I didn't even bother to talk to my wife thinking I might miss some interesting movement of eega within that fraction of second.

This movie would reward you full buckets of entertainment for the money you spend in the form of ticket and even more for the kids. In general, the movies are such that audience / viewers are able to select their best scene or moment which is NOT the case with eega. You wouldn't be able to select and say that so and so scene is the best over the others. On the whole, every bit of the movie was equally entertaining. To summarize, it is a 'Paisa wasool' movie to complete your satisfaction and I strongly recommend everyone of you to watch of this movie atleast once irrespective of whether you know the language or not as it is a language independent entertaining show.